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Interstate Moving

New England Movers Inc. offers relocation to all points in the United States and understands that your move is one of many things you have to handle during your relocation on top of a new job, new school, changing your address, or changing utilities. We offer a free consultation for your move followed by a moving estimate based on your relocation needs.

Our long distance coordinator will not just make sure your belongings safely get from your old home to your new home, they will be able to track your shipment at any stage of the relocation and let you know the status of your delivery. Your delivery can take from few days to a few weeks from the time of the pick up depending on your destination, so it is important to maintain good communication between you and our long distance coordinator. Along with excellent communication we offer professional packing service for all your furniture as well as your china, books, clothing and pictures. The proper packing of your belongings, whether by yourself or by our trained professionals will help avoid damage or loss.

Your items will be labeled with labels that carry the item number and your lot number, and each item will be listed on a detailed inventory. The list includes the description of the item, its sticker number, and the condition of the item at the time of the pick up. The descriptive inventory will be signed by you and the moving foreman, and you will receive a copy of the list at the end of your pick up to ensure the safe arrival of your belongings. When your things arrive you can verify that everything has reached its destination in the same condition as when it was picked up.

Long distance moves Tip:
It is always wise to take a complete inventory of your goods before starting a move, especially if you are moving between states or out of the country. If you moving locally, simply record the number of boxes before loading and compare this number upon arrival at your new house. If you are moving out of state, however, you should make a more detailed list. Most moving companies will provide you with a detailed inventory of all your goods including boxes and furniture, but even then it is wise to review the inventory list before the signing it.

Be aware that many moving companies will list furniture as a number of pieces, with a note verifying that they have disassembled and or packed the items. In most inventory lists, companies will also record the condition of the item at the time of the loading. Many moving companies will use a system of symbols for their inventory lists and it is important that you understand these symbols and pay attention to the details when reviewing the list.

Symbols such as: PBO- pack by owner, CP- carrier packing, CU- condition unknown, D- dented, SC- scratched, CH- chipped, BR- broken, CR- cracked are common on many inventory assessments. You may also see numerical symbols used to indicate the location of damage, such as: 1- Top, 2- Bottom, 3- front, 4- back, 5- leg, 6- draw, etc. A typical entry on an inventory list might look like this:

Item # Item Description Condition at origin Condition upon delivery
122 Sofa, 3 Cushions
CP, BR- 2,3

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