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Moving delicate furniture

Moving glass or marble furniture is difficult unless these items are carefully packed. Marble is a very soft stone and can break easily especially when exposed to changes in temperature. Always keep glass or marble upright and to not lay it flat while moving or storing it. Never rest marble or glass top diagonally or you risk incurring damage to the corners of the piece. Before moving any cabinetry with glass doors and/or shelves remove the shelves and pack them separately to avoid damaging them, cover the glass doors with cardboard to secure them during the move.

To pack glass or marble shelves properly, take a box of a similar approximate length and cut it open, so you will have one long cardboard piece. Place one shelf on the edge of the cardboard sheet and carefully fold it once. Place the next piece of glass and repeat the process leaving enough room for the next shelf. Securely fasten the cardboard roll with tape and make sure to keep it upright while moving.

When moving a piece of furniture made of glass or marble, cut a box and wrap it around the item making sure to leave enough material to cover the top and bottom completely. If needed, use several boxes to ensure complete coverage. The best box to use in furniture such a china cabinet is a wardrobe box as they are typically constructed using heavy cardboard sheets. If you can purchase or rent moving pads, apply additional layers of padding to the cardboard for additional cushioning.

In some cases, glass doors must be removed and wrapped separately. In this situation, we recommend removing handles from these items to avoid creating pressure spots which may weaken the cardboard cover. Packing sensitive items is much easier with more than one person, so ask a friend or family member for assistance before packing your fragile items.

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