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Moving plants and food products

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, we highly recommend that you move plants and food products in your vehicle and do not pack these items in a box on the moving truck. There are laws that prohibit moving plants and/or other organic matter in a moving truck or van and therefore most moving companies will refuse to move such items for you. Additionally, many plants will not survive a move in the back of a moving truck due to lack of light, water, temperature changes or other conditions that might shock the plant. Food products can cause additional problems, leading to the spread of mold or odors to your other goods.

If you are moving locally, you can pack all of your sealed food products in boxes except with the exception of any liquid, including water that might damage other items in your shipment. It is best to move liquid items in your own vehicle to limit risk to the rest of your inventory. Taking your plants with you will allow you to monitor the plant’s health while on the road.

Before packing any food products, you should use clear tape secure any plastic bags or containers for material like sugar, salt, pasta, rice, etc. If you have large plants, consider supporting the plant’s stem with wooden sticks to prevent bending or cracking the stem. Make sure to pad the bottom of the pot, especially if it is made of a fragile material like terra cotta or glass. When the plant and vase/pot are secure, you can place the plant inside an open box and cushion the sides with tissue or cardboard strips. If you follow these simple recommendations, you should be able to safely transport your favorite plants and your remaining food supply to your new home.

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