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Moving your appliances

Whether you hire movers to move your appliances or are planning to move them yourself, it is important to prepare your appliances before hand. Preparing your appliances is not complicated and will reduce the possibility of damage to your appliances or your home.

Refrigerators and freezers should be unplugged 24 hours prior too moving. Make sure to remove all food products and residue and open the refrigerator or freezer door. This will allow the ice to melt, after which you should clean and dry all water than accumulates during this time. If your refrigerator has a built-in ice maker, remove the ice maker door and unplug the connection located either at the wall or on the door of the refrigerator. Make sure to turn off the water, before disconnecting the refrigerator/freezer or ice maker from the wall. If you are unsure about how to turn off the machine’s water supply, any plumber should be able to help you do it correctly. If your refrigerator is connected to a gas line, we recommend having a plumber available to help you safely disconnect the appliance and avoid a potentially hazardous gas leak.

When moving a washing machine, make sure to turn off the water supply before unplugging the hose from your pipes. Disconnect your washing machine from the sewer line and place all pipes inside the washing drum, before securely fastening the door with tape. When moving an electric dryer, simply unplug the machine and disconnect the hose from the vent system. If you are using a gas dryer, contact a plumber to assist you in safely disconnecting the appliance. When your dryer is disconnected, place all hoses inside the dryer drum, and fasten the doors securely with tape or rope. It is also important that you securely fasten the electrical cables from dryers or washing machines to prevent dragging them while moving and to avoid accidentally slipping on the hanging cables.

Before moving your air conditioners, remove it from the window and place it outside or in the basement allowing any accumulated water to drain. Make sure that you have assistance when moving your air conditioner, to avoid potentially dropping the machine from the window.

If you are moving many type of small appliance, such as coffee maker, mixer, microwave, or toaster oven, make sure to clean them properly and drain any accumulated liquid. Remove any plates or surfaces inside the item and pack them separately.

Moving appliances can be a challenging process, but a little planning and preparation can me the job a lot easier.

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