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Moving your art collection

Moving an art collection is a challenging task that requires specialized packing using the proper materials such as specially-sized boxes, crates, bubble wrap, and cardboard and paper sheeting. We highly recommend seeking the advice of one of our relocation consultant and/or an art gallery before attempting to relocate your art collection. Each piece will typically require a unique form of packaging to protect it from damage. Some items are sensitive to moisture and temperature changes which are other reasons why it may be prudent to seek professional consultations before moving your collection.

In many cases you can get information from the gallery where you purchased the art or from the artist directly or you can seek the help of a professional company that specializes in storing and protecting artwork. When moving paintings, it is important to pack them in proper boxes or crates to avoid damage to either the face of the painting or the frame. When moving small vases or statues you can pack them securely in dish boxes, and apply packing paper below, above and on the sides of the items to secure them during the move.

Make sure you carry the proper coverage for your art collection from your carrier or in depended insurance company. We insist of performing both the packing and unpacking before we will provide coverage for your collection.

Every art collection has value whether measured in dollar value or sentiment and you must cover all aspects of packing, unpacking, and the relocation of your art collection. Some art is not replaceable and most carriers will not be able to compensate you for some items in your collection.

For more information of how to pack your art collection, please visit our packing tips and guides. As always, careful preparation will help to ensure a safe and successful moving experience.

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