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Moving your computer and printer

It is always a good idea to save and secure all of your data files before packing your computer. No matter what brand of computer you have or whether you use a desktop or a laptop, there is always a slight chance that your data will be damaged while in transit. Burning important files to CD or saving them onto a portable memory card is a good way to ensure the safety of your data.

After shutting your computer down, unplug any USB cables or data cables and pack them separately to avoid damaging them. Also, disconnect and peripheral device such as a mouse, data stick, or wireless antenna.

If possible, try to locate the original boxes which are not only the proper size but often contain additional padding to secure and protect your computer and monitor. If you do not have the original box, pack your computer and monitor in separate boxes, dish pack boxes making sure to cushion the bottom, sides and top of the boxes before sealing them.

Mark the box “Fragile” and it try to keep the box upright whenever possible. If the box has no markings or arrows, mark it yourself so you and or the movers will keep the box upright while moving. It is not wise to allow your computer to withstand extreme changes in temperature or humidity as these can lead to changes in function and can reduce your computer’s life.

Before packing your printer make sure to drain the ink and clean the cartridge slot to remove any excess ink or residue. Ink cartridges can leak once removed and so, we recommend saving your ink cartridge in a vacuumed plastic bag or disposing it and purchasing a new one once your printer is set up in your new home. As with your computer, pack the printer in a dish pack box and make sure to add sufficient padding to protect the device.

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