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Multiple pick ups and or deliveries

To save time and money, you should coordinate multiple pick ups or deliveries before moving day. The first thing you should consider is the demographics, trying to determine the most logical and efficient way to visit all pick up or delivery locations. If you moving across town or within the same state and you need additional pick up or drop off locations, including storage locations, make sure to plan for the shortest route possible. Contact your storage facility and coordinate the time for your arrival and them contact the moving company to provide them with a rough itinerary.

You may consider handling any additional drop offs or pick ups yourself or if you purchase new furniture have the store delivery them to your new home. This will save you considerable time and money on moving day, especially if it only involves a short list of easily movable items. If you are moving out of sate and you have additional pick ups within your town, most companies will offer you a flat rate for that service. If you require additional pick up in a different state, you may need to consider hiring two separate moving companies to save time and money, or divided it to two separate orders. Obtain several quotes detailing what it will cost for a single company to perform multiple pick ups and compare this to the cost of hiring separate companies.

If you are moving out of state and you may have more then one drop of location, the price can vary depending on the distance between delivery addresses. If your delivery locations are in different states, it may save significant money to divide the shipment to two separate orders. For complicated moving procedures involving multiple locations, it is always wise to obtain separate quotes or the option to do it all at once. The more options you provide yourself, the more money you will save on moving day.

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