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Over night storage

If you are scheduled for a specific moving day but cannot occupy your new home until the following day, what can you do? Many moving companies offer overnight storage service. Some companies will leave your goods in a secure truck overnight, while other companies will require that the goods are removed from the truck and placed into a storage facility for the night, which may greatly increase your cost. Companies that store your goods in their truck, often offer a cheaper rate for overnight storage.

If you are planning for overnight storage, it is very important that you do not load perishable items, plants or any prescription medication onto the truck, though it is never wise to load these types of items onto a moving truck. You may consider leaving such items in your home until the following day or leaving them at the home of a friend or family member for safe storage.

If you are purchasing a new home, you should be sure you have determined exactly when it is possible for you to occupy the new home before scheduling your move. You should plan so that you or someone you trust will be able to stay with the movers during the entire move and will not have to leave to deal with occupancy permits or closing contracts.

Find out what type of coverage the moving company offers for overnight storage. Do not hesitate to ask specific questions such as:

It is very important that you feel comfortable with the company that provides this service. Ask as many questions as you feel are necessary and develop a good relationship with your moving company representatives, before signing on for storage options.

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