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The Self Moving Process

Whether you are handling your own moving project or hiring a moving company to assist your, there is a logical order that you should follow to make the process as easy as possible.

Before moving, pack all of your belongings and, if you choose to hire a moving company, oversee the process and make sure that all of your boxes are clearly marked with their contents and their location in the new house. Taking these steps will greatly reduce the time it takes to unpack and settle in to your new place.

On moving day, the first thing that should be loaded into the truck are the boxes, making sure to pack heavy boxes first followed by lighter boxes or boxes with fragile contents. You should stack your boxes in rows leaving 12” at the very top, which can later be filled with light or hard to place items such as ironing boards, folding chairs, bags of clothing, and or small light items.

Use your space efficiently but make sure to pack your belongings tightly into the truck and secure all of your boxes so that they won’t shift during transit.

After you have secured all boxes, you should load heavy and square furniture. Large furniture pieces will secure your boxes and will act as a base for smaller furniture pieces that may be laid on top. Some rental companies will supply moving pads at no additional cost. However, if you do not have moving pads, use cardboard sheets to separate each piece of furniture. This will aid in reducing the chance of chipping or scratching your furniture.

If you are moving appliances, exercise machines, or any patio furniture, make sure to load these items last to avoid damaging your wooden furniture. When you have finished loading your furniture, you should load your mattress and box springs, using them as a flexible brace to keep your furniture from moving. After that, fill in the empty spaces with small boxes and loose items.

Upon arriving to your new home location, unload your appliances and patio furniture first. Place each item in its designated area before returning to the truck for the next load. Next, unload your furniture and set them up in the proper rooms before unloading the boxes. When unloading your boxes, take the time to move each box to its designated location before you start to unpack. This will save you time during the unpacking process.

We also recommend returning your moving truck before you start the process of unpacking and arranging your new house. Often, returning your van early will save you extra charges.

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