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Types of moving estimates

Moving estimates come in many varieties and it is helpful to know a little about each type of estimate before you start shopping for a moving company. Most companies will provide estimates over the phone, in person, or via the internet.

Today, many movers prefer to conduct their estimates over the Internet, as this is very convenient and fast. No matter how you obtain your estimate you should take the time to fully understand the methods used to calculate your estimate and the terms implied by the company’s contract.

Most companies will provide “bulk part” estimates on line. These estimates are helpful for getting started, but they are not very accurate and the actual costs may vary greatly from the bulk estimate. Once it comes time to move, you may discover that you need additional services or that your inventory is greater than the company’s estimate, leading to inflated costs.

If you are moving from a 3-bedroom apt. /house or larger, and you wish to hire moving company to relocate your belonging, we recommend scheduling on-site visit. Most on-site visits take between 45 minutes to an hour, and we offer them free of charge. Once we visits your home we will often offer you a “binding” cost estimate which guarantees that the actual cost will not exceed the estimate, based upon the volume of your goods, pick up and destination addresses, services requested such as: Packing labor, packing supplies, moving labor, storage services, hoisting services and or piano handling.

Some companies offer a “Binding Moving Cost” for their services that can exceed by more then 10% of the original cost. With this type of agreement, the price on the estimate price can vary and the cost you will pay will change on the moving day. Very few companies offer binding moving cost that will not exceed and they will almost always require an on-site visit before they prepare your estimate.

We highly recommend that you will submit your information to our site and allow us to put you in contact with our relocation consultants, to schedule on-site estimate and offer you competitive estimates for your project.

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